Category Image Gallery for EverWeb Now Available!

Friday, June 7, 2019 6:08 AM

Have you ever wanted to provide a set of images that could be sorted by category and making it easy for your website visitors to find specific photos of yours?

The all new Category Image Gallery for EverWeb does just that!

It lets you categorize your images and then provide a interactive buttons so your visitors can find your images that fall into certain categories. 

Category Image Gallery for EverWeb Widget

Customized Category Buttons & Image Linking

The all new widget makes it easy to completely customize the number of categories and adjust how the category buttons should look. You can completely customize the colors, mouse over effects and styles. 

In addition, images can be in multiple categories. Each image can be linked to a specific page on your website, an external URL, a file (such as a larger version of the image to download) or you can make the entire widget open a full screen slide show.

Awesome Mouse Hover TransitionsMouse Hover Gallery Effects

The Category Image Gallery wigdet lets you add cool animations on mouse over for all your images. You can do smooth zooming, rotating, shadow and border effects for all images when your visitors move their mouse over each one.

Transitions are completely customizable and easy to apply with the check of a button.

My personal favorite is the Zoom In Image effect which expands the image within its current position.

You can also use the ‘Expand Image’ which will give a pop out effect on mouse over. The image shadow allows provides a good combination with this effect as well.

Borders and rotation can be further customized with a border width, color and rotation amount to suit your personal design preferences. 

Slide Show Settings & Customizations

Slide Show Settings

With each image you can choose to link it to a specific page on your website, external URL, larger image download, any other kind of file you’d like. Or you can even set up a customized full screen slide show to show of your

If you choose a Slide Show you have a large number of customization options. Including auto play options, transitions between images, speed of transitions and more.

Additionally if you want users to be able to download your images files easily, a download button can be added automatically to each image in the slide show.

Download & Installation

Version 1.0 of the Category Image Gallery Widget is 100% free for all EverWeb users. You can download and install from the Category Image Gallery Information page. Just double click the widget after downloading to install it in EverWeb.

You’ll now see it under the Widgets tab and you can drag and drop any number of image galleries to your web pages.

This Widget requires EverWeb 2.9 or later.

We hope you enjoy it and if you have any feedback or requests, let us know.

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