Image Carousel Widget for EverWeb Released

Thursday, June 6, 2019 2:35 PM

We’re happy to announce the first version of Image Carousel Widget for EverWeb which lets you add a looping image reel to your EverWeb web site.

The Image Carousel widget comes loaded with many customization options so you can easily match the appearance to your web site. Navigation arrows on the right and left that let you scan your images can be shown or hidden and have their background color changed.

You can turn off or on the navigation dots below the Image Carousel which will show your web site visitors how many images are in the carousel.

The real power of the Image Carousel widget comes from the customization of the image size. Even if you drop images of various widths and heights you can easily adjust scaling options and set maximum image sizes to make sure your Image Carousel looks professional and the way you want it.

Lastly you can also adjust image spacing and the number of images to show. If you want a smaller sized carousel, set the images to show to a smaller number.

Image Carousel Widget Full Image Linking

EverWeb’s Image Carousel Widget lets you automatically set custom links to all images in the Carousel so each image can link to a specific page, file, or web site.

Fully SEO Optimized

The Image Carousel Widget is fully SEO optimized and lets you assign ALT image tags which let search engines find and rank your  page and images in their index.

Works With Fixed Width & Responsive EverWeb Websites

The Image Carousel Widget works perfectly with either Responsive pages or Fixed Width pages. No further customization is needed to make the carousel work on any type of page.

If you want to further customize the carousel on your responsive page you can easily set the maximum width and left-right margins from the Metrics tab of the Inspector like  you would for any other object on your page.

Download & Install

The Image Carousel Widget is 100% free to use with EverWeb. Simply visit the Image Carousel Widget page and download it for free. When you double click it, it will automatically appear in your EverWeb Widgets tab for you to use any number of times in any number of pages.