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Easy Responsive Image Gallery Widget for EverWeb Just Released

We are thrilled to introduce our latest EverWeb Widget - the Easy Responsive Image Gallery Widget for EverWeb. This all new widget is designed to provide a quick, yet powerful, responsive image gallery that adapts seamlessly across devices.
The Easy Responsive Image Gallery Widget is one of the quickest and easiest ways to add a beautiful, responsive image gallery to your EverWeb web site.Here’s a glimpse of what it offers:
Styled Image Captions: Add a touch of personality with styled captions for each image.
ALT Text Integration: Make your gallery SEO-friendly with ALT text for search engines.
Customizable Image Scaling: Adjust the...

Unveiling the Revamped EverWeb Widgets: Image Carousel & Categories Image Gallery

We are thrilled to announce the release of updated versions of two of our EverWeb widgets—Image Carousel and Categories Image Gallery. These updates are rolling out just in time with the launch of EverWeb 4.0, to take advantage of the new features in the latest EverWeb update.

Categories Image Gallery: What’s New?
The Categories Image Gallery widget has been updated to make it easier to use. Here are the new features:

- Drag and Drop Ease: Now, you can effortlessly drag and drop images directly onto the widget. This feature simplifies the process of adding images to your gallery.
- Lazy Loading of Images: We now use a lazy loading...

Category Image Gallery Updated With New Settings + Everweb for Windows Support

We are happy to announce an update to the Category Image Gallery Widget for EverWeb.
It now contains an option to adjust the border corner radius for the category buttons.
We are also announcing official support for the all new EverWeb for Windows update. Our EverWeb Widgets will work perfectly on Mac or Windows versions of EverWeb.
Of course, all our widgets are completely free for you to use.
We are also working on some new widgets, but please let us know if there is something you need.

Category Image Gallery Updated With Support for Latest EverWeb Version

Our Category Image Gallery Widget for EverWeb has been updated to version 1.1. This version fixes a crash in all versions of EverWeb and adds optimized javascript.
If you are concerned about your page load speed, which helps improve your search engine rankings, this version is a must update.
Category Image Gallery Widget is completely free. You can download it from our website.
To Install Category Image Gallery Widget for EverWebSimply download it from our website and you will see the categories-image-gallery-widget.zip file in your Downloads folder. Double click it to unpack it and you will see the Categories Image Gallery.ewwdgt file.

Image Carousel Widget for EverWeb Updated With Maximum Content Width Settings

The Image Carousel Widget has just been updated with some new settings.
You can now specify the Maximum Content width of the widget. This means as the browser width stretches, the content within the widget will only expand as much as the number specified in the Maximum Content Width in the Inspector.
This option works great with the background settings under Inspector->Shape Options. So you can specify a background color, image or gradient that stretches the entire width of the browser while the content only stretches to how wide you have specified. 
We have also tested this Widget with EverWeb 3.5 beta and everything is working smoothly.

Update to Image Carousel Widget for EverWeb

Recently EverWeb 3.4 was announced as a public beta on the EverWeb Forums.
We’ve tested our widgets in EverWeb 3.4 and they are working great!
We’ve also made some updates to the Carousel Widget which fixes issues using background fill colors and other minor issues. 
The Carousel Widget is a highly customizable image carousel. It can be fully customized to match the style and design of your website and used to show any number of images that automatically scroll horizontally.
If you have any issues, or need any extra features, please let us know!

Category Image Gallery for EverWeb Now Available!

Have you ever wanted to provide a set of images that could be sorted by category and making it easy for your website visitors to find specific photos of yours?
The all new Category Image Gallery for EverWeb does just that!
It lets you categorize your images and then provide a interactive buttons so your visitors can find your images that fall into certain categories. 

Customized Category Buttons & Image LinkingThe all new widget makes it easy to completely customize the number of categories and adjust how the category buttons should look. You can completely customize the colors, mouse over effects and styles. 
In addition, images...

Image Carousel Widget for EverWeb Released

We’re happy to announce the first version of Image Carousel Widget for EverWeb which lets you add a looping image reel to your EverWeb web site.

The Image Carousel widget comes loaded with many customization options so you can easily match the appearance to your web site. Navigation arrows on the right and left that let you scan your images can be shown or hidden and have their background color changed.
You can turn off or on the navigation dots below the Image Carousel which will show your web site visitors how many images are in the carousel.
The real power of the Image Carousel widget comes from the customization of the image size....

All New! Photo & Image Gallery Widgets for EverWeb

Look for awesome galleries for your EverWeb website? Look no further! 
We’ll be releasing a while bunch of awesome new widgets for EverWeb users who need new ways to show off their images. 
Check back soon and we’ll have some great widgets for you to use!