Category Image Gallery

Create beautiful image galleries separated into unlimited categories with 'Category Image Gallery'.

Images transition beautifully as you navigate to different categories. You can assign multiple images to multiple categories and show off your photos, art, or anything else.

In addition, Categories Image Gallery for EverWeb lets you create awesome mouse over effects to really bring your web site and images to life!

Endless customization options include button appearance settings, gallery setting, mouse over transitions and more.

Category Image Gallery for EverWeb also lets you create an automatic slide show when clicking a gallery item  or link to any page on your website or external website URL. You can even link to PDF's or any other file of your  choosing.

Download & Install

Use the button below to get the widget. It can be installed easily by double-clicking on the archived file.

If you have any questions, feel free to get in touch with us here

Customize the button colors, image spacing and mouse over effects of your images. In this example a shadow is placed behind the image as you  mouse over them. Image spacing has been changed and the colors  of the category buttons  are completely customized.