Image Carousel for EverWeb

Image Carousel widget used in EverWeb site builder to create horizontal galleries on your site.

Add images in the Assets area and customize your navigation arrows, dots and how many images can be displayed at the same time.

Play with other settings to give your carousel the look you like! Use it on regular fixed width pages or Responsive Websites as well.

Download & Install

Use the button below to get the widget. It can be installed easily by double-clicking on the .zip file.

If you have any questions, feel free to get in touch with.

Image  Carousel With Navigation Buttons &  Spacing

Image  Carousel With Additional Styling Options & Automatic Scrolling

Create image carousels that automatically scroll horizontally. Plus you can remove navigation arrows and the navigation dots at the bottom of the carousel.

Image Linking Options

Set any image to link  to any web page either on your web site or an external page. You can also link images to high resolution image files, PDFs or any kind of external file.

Search Engine Optimized

Image Carousel for EverWeb is optimized for SEO, allowing you to enter ALT image tags that are used by search engines to rank your web pages and images in their search results.

Responsive or Fixed Width Pages

Use the Image Carousel widget on responsive or fixed width web sites with ease. No additional work is required to get your Carousel working on a responsive web site.

From the EverWeb Inspector you can go to the Metrics inspector and assign maximum widths or left-margins like you would with any other object or shape on your page.